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It’s About Trust

When you’re out to change the world, you want to partner with people who share your vision.
People who can get the job done. People you can trust.

About Global Impact Fund

Franklin Woodland
President and CEO
Global Impact Fund
Global Impact Fund was established by Franklin Woodland, an energetic, driven, creative, relational entrepreneur who loves to solve problems in developing countries by structuring sustainable social solutions.

Franklin has been managing, designing, and marketing for over 20 years. His business experience includes mutually beneficial relationships with such companies as Accenture, Allstate, American Express, Chase, CNA, Gatorade, H&R Block, IBM/Apptix, Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Northwestern University, Panasonic, RR Donnelley, Siemens, United Airlines, Wall Data, WGN television, and WPNA radio.

Franklin specializes in traveling to places where no other social developers have been and:

  • helping to creating sustainable social ventures that employ nationals
  • strategizing with local government officials to identify employment engines that can be implemented quickly, easily, and economically
  • recruiting other entrepreneurs to create, nurture, and manage social ventures in developing regions
  • exposing like-minded individuals to philanthropic and microenterprise opportunities
  • improving and enriching the lives of all stakeholders

Franklin is a sharp business strategist with a good heart and a genuine sense of mission. He sees possibilities and knows how to turn them into realities. He finds partners whose strengths complement his own, in order to fully round out an effective team.

Good. Business.

Global Impact Fund is a collection of programs and projects that are funded by visionary, socially conscious people who want to transform underdeveloped societies into healthy, self-sustaining communities. Through education and training, GIF makes global investments in sustainable social ventures designed to do the most good for the most people.

Our Team in South Asia

The Global Impact Fund local team of volunteers provide health care education for young mothers in poor, urban slum communities. Free lab testing is also offered by a certified microbiologist who educates young families about water borne diseases and dehydration. They also raise awareness about the problems associated with selling illegal contaminated water. Volunteer engineers offer free time and resources to train plant operators in safety and maintenance procedures.

Tair Nadeem
Tariq Nadeem
Pristine Water (PVT.) Limited
Mohammed Nadeem
Operations Manager
Pristine Water (PVT.) Limited
Raima Karim
Coordinator of Health Education for Mothers and Children
Pristine Water (PVT.) Limited