30 KVA Industrial Generator In the summer of 2016, we received a generous $10,000 gift to purchase a new reverse osmosis purification machine. This machine quadrupled our capacity and can produce 1,000 gallons per hour. It is so big and industrial that it requires more electricity and a certain kind of electricity called [...]

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Women Rising

Training for Interns at Pristine Water Company Soon after we started distributing water in 2012, we hired our first female employee from the neighborhood near our plant in Landhi, Karachi. Her name was Noor and she was 19 years old. She was not afraid of any new task. We taught her how to [...]

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Our new reverse osmosis water purification machine is capable of producing 20,000 gallons of water every day. This is equal to about 74,000 liters (multiply by 3.7) which means 37,000 people every day can receive their daily requirement of about two liters of drinking water. Our current machine can produce enough water for 10,000 people [...]

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Rooftop Water Storage Tank in Amman, Jordan Unlike Karachi where there is plenty of water but the distribution is mismanaged, Amman, Jordan is experiencing water scarcity. Everyone in the city buys water- first from the municipality via pipes. Once the supply stops after a few days, tanker trucks are called to fill storage [...]

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Trusted Partner

Microbiologist Ensures Safe Drinking Water After distributing water for three years, we have yet to find another small, local water company in Karachi that employees a microbiologist to ensure the quality of their drinking water. This sign helps consumers understand that this is a unique selling proposition of our water. In a crowded [...]

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Franchise Water Store

After selling our water wholesale to hundreds of 7-11-like retail shops, we are starting to open our own franchise retail stores. Our pilot company-owned store has been one of the top retail performers for the last year. Allahwala Town Retail Water Store A real estate developer in this growing neighborhood illegally diverted a [...]

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Community Leadership

Afsar - Local Community Leader Delivering Water in Karachi Afsar is a local man who lives in a slum in Karachi. Pristine Water company capitalized his retail water business start up so that he could enjoy the benefits of business ownership. His family is from an ethnic group called Pashtun. Worldwide, Pashtun's number [...]

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